Friday, July 28, 2006

Caroline Livermore

The late Caroline M. Livermore of Lumberton, N.C. was a woman of vision, perseverance, and determination, who founded Caramore in the early 1970’s. She had a son with mental illness who was not debilitated enough to require lifetime institutionalization but not well enough to function independently. He became the first Caramore client and to this day is living successfully on his own in Chapel Hill. With great determination to provide community based services to individuals with severe mental illnesses, she sought funding from the legislature and other places to begin Caramore, which was initially called the North Carolina Association of Emotionally Troubled, Inc. (NCAET, Inc.).

The first group home in North Carolina for people with severe mental illnesses—Ephesus Group Home in Chapel Hill—was established under her leadership in 1976. Caroline surrounded herself with people of like mind and perseverance to formulate the early composition and backbone of the successful operation that Caramore is today.

After her untimely death in 1985, Caramore continued, grew, and prospered. Caramore is currently under the leadership of CEO David Chapman, together with dedicated individuals serving on the Board of Directors and as trained program staff.


· 1974—Study group formed to begin the North Carolina Association of Emotionally Troubled.

· 1976—First group home in N. C. for mentally ill established in Chapel HillEphesus.

· 1985—Move from borrowed facilities on University property to highway 54 location in Chapel Hill.

· 1985—Second group home established in Chapel Hill—Fountain Ridge.

· 1987—Beginning of semi-independent apartment cluster program at Carolina Apartments in Carrboro.

· 1990—Received national accreditation (CARF). Continuous reaccreditations every 3 years.

· 1995—Move to new Administrative and Operations Center facilities in Carrboro.

· 2001—Beginning of Tier 3 Program for continued long-term support for adults with mental illness.