Sunday, May 20, 2007

Environment, Health, and Relationships

“Love is the selfless promotion of the growth of the other.”

Milton Mayeroff

Caramore exists specifically to aide those attempting to recover from psychiatric diseases. Our program is entirely centered on our clients, as individuals, and tailored specifically to meet the unique challenges that each requires beginning recovery. Our program centers on the value of relationships.

At Caramore, recovery means the process of gaining control over one’s illness and life and reshaping one’s own future.

It can happen at Caramore. It can happen when you are surrounded by others who care and strive for your success.

Over the past year Caramore has focused on the following key elements of our client’s lives:

Environment. We’re out to change and improve our environment to order to change the way people think about themselves (photos from program-wide renovations coming soon).

Health. We’ve increased our resources and initiatives surrounding smoking cessation, nutrition, and exercise—all essential to one’s total health and battling mental illness.

Peers. New this year will be peer orientation trainings for clients who begin to work for us. Peers play an invaluable and unique role at Caramore; they are employees who work for us, and at the same time they are friends to all. They are role models who form relationships with other clients—to mentor and guide. They are responsible for nothing short of the success of the others, and take pride in themselves according to the relationships they form.

D. Cooley

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