Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Caramore offers immediate jobs

If you are appropriate for our program, Caramore gives you a real job the minute you walk through our door regardless of your illness, past, criminal record, education, or lack of references. You immediately begin making money and have a place to live in one of our two family-oriented homes.

Our landscaping and professional cleaning businesses are real for-profit services valued in the community and will serve as an excellent reference for your next job.

We give you a real job and a comfortable place to live—with low hours and low stress— to gently get you accustomed to working, living, and interacting socially again.

But it’s all very temporary. With the right attitude and effort you may be—within just weeks—ready to interview for a job in Chapel Hill or Carrboro, and move to our apartments to enjoy a greater degree of personal freedom.

Caramore provides the job and a great place to live first, and surrounds it with intensive support and treatment coordination to ensure your success.

D. Cooley

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