Saturday, January 30, 2010

Envisioning A Brighter Future by Taking a Bold Step

This past month Caramore took a progressive step --- we have purchased our first residential condominium in Chapel Hill (a four bedroom unit), and thus begun the process of being able to effectively shape our future and enhance the lives of our residents.

For over twenty years Caramore has rented numerous apartments in the community, and then we subleased these units back to our various clients. We were renters, not owners. Although this process has been suitable for us in the past, we have realized that through our lack of ownership, we also lacked the ability to design and shape the environments that are residents lived in.

To illustrate this point, over the past two years Caramore has dramatically rethought and redesigned the interiors of our office spaces and group homes. These changes have created a peaceful, comfortable, and stimulating environment that sets the tone for the supportive nature of services that Caramore provides. The response from clients and others to the new environment has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our goal of ownership of Tier 2 and Tier 3 residences will help us have better control and creative input in designing apartment environments that are more pleasant for our clients. This step will provide us with a more desirable residential program that helps our residents feel positive about themselves and where they are living.

The task is daunting and the cost for funding this undertaking is extremely high, as we currently provide leases to almost 40 residents. But we feel we are securing a better future for our participants and we are committed to do what is necessary to raise the funding that is required.

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