Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Long Island Sensibility

Over the past 10 months, the face of Caramore has changed enormously. The Caramore offices, housed in the newly dedicated Jack Simonds Center, have received a burst of energy and renewal in the form of fresh colors, carpeting, furnishings and artwork.

The igniting spark can be attributed mainly to the vision and efforts of Long Island native Sue Curtis. Suzi selflessly donated her design and artistic expertise towards giving Caramore a new look that would be warmer, friendlier, and more reflective of the relationship-building efforts that Caramore has established with their clients and the whole community.

Suzi's creative vision for Caramore, as a model environment for the rehabilitative and relationship-building work that we do, has been immediately accepted. The new Caramore is a place that promotes wellness, social integration, and success for all who enter. It is also a vibrant and comfortable environment that encourages growth and creative interaction for all.

Many thanks to Suzi for her infusion of energy and for setting a new standard for a proper rehabilitative environment for dealing with mental illness.

Thanks Suzi!

B. Shanley

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