Sunday, February 25, 2007

Caramore’s rehabilitation is centered on working

The only thing larger than our families in our lives is work. For the vast majority of us, freedom and self-determination are contingent on our ability to contribute—through creativity, skills, education, and determination—our labor to society. Most individuals who suffer from a severe psychiatric disease can still work, although usually at greatly reduced hours.

Caramore is centered on work because we’ve seen—for thirty years—that individuals with mental illness respond well to work. Work typically awards them with a feeling of meaning and self-mastery, which is a powerful coping mechanism. They feel “normal” again—a regular member of society who works for a living (and creates economic value).

Caramore’s work-based rehabilitation not only functions as a methodical framework to begin recovery of one’s life from illness; but in addition, we facilitate valuable soft skills such as punctuality, dress, work-place etiquette, conscientiousness, and more. Caramore works hard to make sure these skills “stick.”

Caramore produces individuals who have significantly mastered managing their illness, and highly competent, assured, and mindful employees.


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