Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who is the “typical” Caramore client?

The typical client is someone who has had a grievous progression from a normal life into the despair and turmoil of psychosis. Not only has their behavior and identity and reason become alien to them, but their family often suffers equally from fright, confusion, and pain.

The vast majority of mental illnesses are treatable and manageable. Caramore maintains that with medical treatment, our rehabilitative setting, and ongoing illness management, individuals can reach a high level of progress.

Frustratingly, it is the client—with impaired insight—who frequently struggles for years before coming to the realization that the illness is much more than they are and that it demands treatment and a life built around being conscious of that demand.

Caramore clients who buy into the program and are cooperative and are willing to work hard currently enjoy a near perfect success rate.

Most of our clients work part time. Part time is appropriate; the illness is not gone—it’s simply being treated and managed. Part time is less stress, less exhaustive. Part time allows the time for medical appointments and therapy. Part time allows for the continuance of Social Security. Part time is perfect for gradual recovery.

Our typical client works part time, receives Social Security, lives in our long-term program called Tier 3, enjoys our vibrant social setting, is trying to get better, and is always preparing and planning for the future.

D. Cooley

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