Friday, March 16, 2007

What Caramore is not

Caramore is not a group home.

Caramore has two homes that serve as the first stop for incoming clients. These homes house all new incoming residents and are designed to provide a stable and structured environment where all that goes into “living” (chores, social interaction, nutrition, cooking, hygiene, etc.) can be gradually addressed. But within weeks, many of our clients find themselves in a large two bedroom apartment that we manage. No one lives in our homes for long, they're just the first step.

Caramore is not a clubhouse.

Caramore has two in-house businesses that are actually for-profit competitive services in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. All of our incoming clients begin working on these jobs to gradually address stamina, work-place etiquette, and employment soft skills. But these jobs are temporary and exist to prepare our clients for a more permanent job in the community. Besides, these guys down the street do the clubhouse thing better than anyone else.

Caramore is not for everybody.

All potential clients visit Caramore for at least a week prior to coming in officially. Many individuals, in various states and severities of their illnesses, are simply not ready to try and work in the Caramore environment. That’s why we are a small program and why visits are essential. But just visiting can be valuable—it demonstrates, through our feedback, exactly what is needed to improve, and what should be worked on, to eventually gain admission.

Caramore is not an easy program.

The real work begins after getting admitted. Our clients must be willing to work exceptionally hard to manage their illness, their work, and life. Nothing is guaranteed. Entrance into program offerings like Tier 3 are not automatic, but are contingent upon consistent effort and a motivated attitude. Most find though that genuine effort brings great rewards at Caramore.

Caramore is…

A highly supportive environment and a loving group of people that strive to provide just the right help to each client we serve; to gradually, in stages, and to the extent that each individual needs and desires, promote progress, wellness, rehabilitation, and independence.


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