Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Creative, flexible, and adaptive

Caramore has the honor or serving extremely unique and rare individuals. Illness is experienced and manifests itself very differently in each individual, making meeting people who come to Caramore a new adventure each time.

Experiences of mood disorders and psychotic diseases are traumatic and tragic—but they also can be fascinating, unimaginable, and humbling. The struggle to overcome illness is heroic and inspirational to be a part of.

It truly takes a team to take on this illness—and time. Treating it requires being creative, flexible, and adaptive. No one approach is always appropriate—each individual is frustratingly one-of-a-kind; but that’s also the challenge and source of satisfaction. Each individual necessitates being known within the context of who they are and what they need, and getting to know them is part of the fun.

How do you re-teach someone every little messy and complicated life-circumstance that the rest of us take for granted? It’s no science, and it begins simply enough with being kind and listening. It takes an open mind and a willingness to approach each person as needing something wildly different from the last one—and the reward for that openness is gaining a new friend.

D. Cooley

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