Monday, August 28, 2006

Faison Sloan

Faison Sloan is a former client who now works for us as an apartment manager, and because of that he’s unique in really understanding the seemingly mundane element of adding structure and routine and purpose to a day—and then spreading those days into months and years. No one better understands this simple long-haul approach to rebuilding behavior—and how all of this can pay off big time later when you start to realize how much stronger you’ve become; when you find you can handle those things that used to put you over the edge.

And that’s Faison’s strength. He really knows himself and can pinpoint the exact things that he can’t handle. It took him a long time to do that and it is frustrating for him to attempt to articulate that to our current clients who can only see the present and don’t understand the cumulative power of time. But that’s another quality Faison has: patience.

Faison even claims to be the originator—at least in spirit—of our current Tier 3 Project. You see, years ago, after he completed our program, he sensed he needed more. He kept coming over to see our apartment manager at that time, Eric Goldman. Faison new it was beneficial to stay in touch but he felt awkward. Goldman said “just tell them you’re coming to get meds everyday,” and the Tier 3 Project was born.

D. Cooley

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