Friday, October 13, 2006

Caramore’s 2006 Client Celebration

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Caramore held its annual client celebration event last night. Noted author Lee Smith was the highlighted guest speaker and delivered a moving recitation concerning her deceased son who participated in the Caramore program several years ago.

The activities were attended by many past and present clients of Caramore, as well as some of their family members, local employers, friends, and health care professionals who work in tandem with Caramore staff.

The theme of the evening centered around the many profound benefits that people with mental illness have achieved through the simple act of being able to work.

Many of the Caramore clients told moving stories of how Caramore had changed their lives and enabled them to reach goals they had previously given up on.

The stories evoked a vast array of emotions from everyone, from tears to laughter, as all the clients shared their personal pains and accomplishments for all to celebrate.

Cake and punch were served as the guests mingled, exchanged stories, hugged, and felt better about the brighter possibilities in their lives ahead.

B. Shanley

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