Thursday, July 19, 2007

Caramore’s Top Ten Goals

Counselor and peer relationships at Caramore work to facilitate ten practical skills or traits that can really help someone be terrifically positioned in life.

  1. In our homes and apartments, we stress being an empathetic, compassionate, and considerate housemate that can live well with other people. This includes contributing to every aspect of a functioning house (chores, cleaning (house and yourself), being helpful, and being a full-group-contributor).
  2. We teach the basics of food, nutrition, and portions. This includes having the knowledge and ability to buy, prepare, and consume appropriate foods.
  3. We stress the development of leisure activities—like exercise, going to the YMCA, reading, hobbies, education, art, classes, etc.
  4. We teach and counsel on how to constantly improve on managing illness. This includes everything from medication compliance and awareness, following doctor's orders, attending all appointments and therapies, and gaining continued insight into the nature of the disorder.
  5. We work hard to get everyone understanding their money—how much they have, and where and why they spend it—to always have a budget.
  6. From that budget, saving an appropriate amount is mandated and we do this by making it uncomplicated and easy.
  7. We work hard on facilitating organization of receipts, wage stubs, bank statements, job start dates, and employment information for the myriad of agencies that constantly need information.
  8. We teach the behaviors that employers most desire—like being on-board, eager, cooperative, communicative, and having follow-through and being responsible.
  9. We assist in the paying of close attention to appearance—grooming and properly fitting clothes.
  10. We need people who want to help us and other people—we orientate individuals to think of themselves as peers who specialize in relationships.
D. Cooley

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