Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Community

Important News! Beginning July 1, 2011, Caramore Community will no longer provide any of its residential services in what has traditionally been regarded as typical "group home" settings. 

Instead, Caramore will improve the level of service to its clients by incorporating all of our residential services within a community of four bedroom supervised apartments, thus providing a more normalized community environment for all of the Caramore program residents.

Supervision, guidance and support for residents will consistently be provided in direct relation to an individual client's needs, and personalized plans and goals will be set up before each individual is admitted into the Caramore program

This represents a progressive shift in the way we offer our services and places and increased emphasis on a more person-centered approach to success and achievements for each resident.

Caramore staff and clients welcome this change as it reinforces our mission to help all our residents be fully integrated in the general community as they enter our program, and not feel isolated in a group home environment while working on their individual goals.

The overall affect will be a more unified program, less separation of clients in homes, and more exposure of all residents to all staff and fellow clients.

Barry Shanley
Program Director

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